Exciting News: NHP is transforming into AllWays Health Partners on January 1, 2019
Learn More
Exciting News: NHP is transforming into AllWays Health Partners on January 1, 2019 Learn More

Neighborhood values what you value. But don’t just take our word for it.

  • Michelle,
    Meeting the needs of a diverse workforce was a priority for Michelle, and in her search for a health plan, Neighborhood Health Plan was just the right fit.
  • Mark,
    Broad coverage and a comprehensive network make Neighborhood Health Plan the right choice for Mark and his growing business.
  • David,
    David was seeking the value of high quality service and care at an affordable cost, and that's what he found with Neighborhood Health Plan.
  • Anne,
    Affordability and access to top doctors were two key deciding factors that made Neighborhood Health Plan the ideal choice for Anne and her family.
  • Laura,
    A combination of outstanding service and seamless implementation gives Laura the confidence to recommend Neighborhood Health Plan to her clients.
  • Michael,
    The ability of a health plan to bring together all the moving pieces of implementation assures Michael that Neighborhood Health Plan is the smart choice.
  • Dr. Slater,
    Dr. Slater values the collaborative relationship he has with Neighborhood Health Plan to help provide the highest value to patients.

Maintaining our staff’s happiness is very important to all of us. We want to give them the best choices available, and NHP is one of them… All your recent improvements, including more doctors and helpful benefit plan designs, make it easier to explain the value of NHP to new hires, as well as recommend your plan to other businesses in your service area.

The service and attention that I get from our NHP sales and service representatives are prompt and thorough. When an occasional client issue does occur, I’ve found NHP to have a swift response time and also show some “outside-of-the-box” thinking to find solutions when needed. I feel NHP is a sensible and quality group medical insurance solution and can be a great fit for many Massachusetts employer groups. – John, BROKER

Every penny is very important to us. On the other hand, we want to ensure the very best health insurance for our staff. That’s why we have Neighborhood Health Plan. Not only are you more affordable, but you treat us like a partner as opposed to just another client. You have been very responsive to us… As both an employer and a member, you’re always there when we need it.– Linda, PRESIDENT AND CEO

Michelle - Employer
Mark - employer
David - employer
Anne - Member
Laura - Broker
Michael - Broker
Dr. Slater - Provider